Friday, August 15, 2014

Tarlatan Dreamz

Photos from the class's final exhibition, Tarlatan Dreamz, on 5th Avenue in New York City

Curated by Julian DuFour

Featuring DJ Wendy, "Mixing colors and mixing beats."

Signage by Elise Jackson and Joanna Herz.

Monotype by Elise Jackson

Monotype by Olivia DeRocco

Etching by Schyler Takayama

Monotype by Shanee Moodie

Monotype by Olivia De Rocco

Monotype by Julian DuFour

Dry point by Allison Villa

Etching by Allison Villa

Monotype by Wendy Wahlert

Monotype by Danielle Weisfeld

Monotype by Joanna Herz

Monotype by Ariella Rosen

Monotype by Sofia Kiblisky

Monotypes, Butterfly by Alexandra Upton
"With the tarlatan in the palm of your hand the world is your oyster."

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