Friday, August 15, 2014

Tarlatan Dreamz

Photos from the class's final exhibition, Tarlatan Dreamz, on 5th Avenue in New York City

Curated by Julian DuFour

Featuring DJ Wendy, "Mixing colors and mixing beats."

Signage by Elise Jackson et al.

Monotype by Elise Jackson

Monotype by Olivia DeRocco

Etching by Schyler Takayama

Monotype by Shanee Moodie

Monotype by Olivia De Rocco

Monotype by Julian DuFour

Dry point by Allison Villa

Etching by Allison Villa

Monotype by Wendy Wahlert

Monotype by Danielle Weisfeld

Monotype by Ariella Rosen

Monotype by Sofia Kiblisky

Monotypes, Butterfly by Alexandra Upton
"With the tarlatan in the palm of your hand the world is your oyster."

Schyler Takayama 

In my printmaking class I learned the art of printing and making amazing various works. I especially enjoyed black and white monotype, where one paints with black ink on plexiglass. Later on in the class I was able to print a black and white monotype on t shirts, which was really fun and the best part of class for me.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

T-shirt that I printed with a dry-point etching of some roses. 
                                         ~Danielle Weisfeld

Julian DuFour - greyscale monotypes

using mylar sheets, hand cut designs can be placed onto an inked sheet of glass/plexiglass to reveal paper creating a negative design.

mixing oil-based inks with thinners and solvents can create softer greys and allow for more fluid application creating more gestural images.

this piece was created by inking found materials, inspired by mark rothko's paintings. 
printing stations are bound to get messy, clean up and preparation of our workspaces make up a sizable fraction of the process. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

My name is Shanee, and in class my peers and i made dry points. To make a dry point you have to sketch a picture and then execute it by taking a needle and scratching your picture into a metal plate. Below are my sketches and prints.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sofia Kiblisky

My name is Sofia Kiblisky and this was my first day at Parsons Pre-college academy. This was my first print! I walked into this class not knowing what printmaking was even about. We were told to get out our zinc plates and start sketching. Being that I live in Miami and am currently vacationing in New York, I decided to draw the skyline. This print used the process of dry point. This consists of cutting into the zinc plate with a needle to imprint your design. This was an extremely fun process and definitely very new to me. I truly enjoyed this process and learned a lot of great things!

This is my second piece! This piece unites different qualities and interest that my peer, Shane, thinks are most appealing to her. I decided to unite the idea of eyes and a tree by creating a fictional face. Within the tree I added certain patters and designs Shane mentioned she liked. The pupils are the darkest representing Shane's favorite color, black. This piece allowed me to develop a better understanding of tones through printmaking therefore balancing the amount of black and whites portrayed throughout the plate. I really enjoyed making this and putting many different skills that iv'e been learning from my teacher into use.