Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sofia Kiblisky

My name is Sofia Kiblisky and this was my first day at Parsons Pre-college academy. This was my first print! I walked into this class not knowing what printmaking was even about. We were told to get out our zinc plates and start sketching. Being that I live in Miami and am currently vacationing in New York, I decided to draw the skyline. This print used the process of dry point. This consists of cutting into the zinc plate with a needle to imprint your design. This was an extremely fun process and definitely very new to me. I truly enjoyed this process and learned a lot of great things!

This is my second piece! This piece unites different qualities and interest that my peer, Shane, thinks are most appealing to her. I decided to unite the idea of eyes and a tree by creating a fictional face. Within the tree I added certain patters and designs Shane mentioned she liked. The pupils are the darkest representing Shane's favorite color, black. This piece allowed me to develop a better understanding of tones through printmaking therefore balancing the amount of black and whites portrayed throughout the plate. I really enjoyed making this and putting many different skills that iv'e been learning from my teacher into use.

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